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Whiskey Limerick Debut Album - Limited Quantities Available!
Updated 10/26/2014
We have limited quantities of our debut album 'Weekend Superhero' available for purchase ($12.00). I'm sure if you ask a member of the band for a 'deal' they wil be happy to help you out :-) If you can't make it to a show and still want your own copy simply contact the band for other options.

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3/11/2017 Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle Pittsburgh, PA
3/17/2017 Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle Pittsburgh, PA
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Posted 11/10/2015 by Kevin
"Where have you guys been?" Well, after a short hiatus we're back and ready to rock the Harp and Fiddle in the heart of the strip distict. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? After over 50 years ... read more

Posted 9/8/2014 by Kevin
We want to send a sincere THANK YOU to Nan and Julie at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival for having us back this year! We had an fantastic time opening up the festivities on Friday on the main stage and the people who are behind the scenes are the true talent and ... read more

Posted 3/26/2014 by Jerry
Just a shout out to all those that helped make this St.Patricks “weekend” one of the best ever at the Harp and Fiddle. The energy level was off the charts and I hope ... read more

Posted 3/19/2014 by Lauren
And I thought last year's Paddy's Day couldn't be topped! This year was definitely our best crowd and my best time yet. Not sure what they put in the drinks there, but the energy at the Harp and Fiddle this year was off the charts! The love and support of the crowd was so overwhelming, that during one of my solos ... read more

Posted 3/19/2014 by Sean
Now THAT was how Patty's Day should be! I'm currently nursing a hangover you could name a battleship after. Big thanks to the Harp and Fiddle for having us out there. For the folks that spent their Saint Patrick's Day weekend (which includes Monday) with us... read more

Posted 3/18/2014 by Brian
What a weekend, and weekday! St. Patrick's Day 2014 was one to remember (hopefully, unless you drank too much). The Harp and Fiddle was rocking and I had a blast. It was great to meet new Whiskey Limerick fans, and always a pleasure when our loyal followers ... read more

Posted 1/18/2013 by Kevin
We wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of you out there for your prayers and wishes for Big Jer our drummer. He's been going through a lot of rehab lately after his hip surgery and of course the more recent broken femur! He's up and moving again slowly but has already been to practice and it's nothing short of a more

Posted 8/15/2012 by Brian
Ok, so the summer break is coming to a close and Whiskey Limerick is ready to rock. We’ve got some new music to show off and if you’re lucky we may show up in our Kilts. Ever wonder what we wear under them….come to the show and find out! Bring your dancing shoes, we’ll bring more

Posted 6/17/2012 by Kevin
So as a new home owner I have come to find out certain things that no one ever really warns you about before hand. Like the fact that grass grows faster when you own your home. It seems my lawn has a keen sense of my schedule and actually chooses to grow faster when it knows I have something to do. Or the fact that colors aren't the colors I learned in 1st grade anymore. Green isn't wears many hats and goes by aliases like 'sea foam', 'chartreuse', 'hunter' and 'harlequin.' And when I walk into Home Depot...evenryone seems to more

Posted 3/16/2012 by Brian
It's time baby! I hope to see you all at the Pub in the Park and/or the Harp and Fiddle. This is the best time of year and we've been getting ready for this weekend for quite some time. I'd like to say hello to all the great kids at the Pittsburgh School for Blind Children, as the show we had on Thursday down there is always one of our favorites and really starts the weekend on a good note.

Posted 2/28/2012 by Kevin
Winter has come and gone, then came back again, left for a bit, showed up unexpectedly, and has vanished again. I'd love to tell you that the worst is over but who the hell knows! All I know is that I am starting to show signs of severe cabin fever and I need some sunshine in my life! Not too much now...we Irish get sunburn if the lights are turned up too bright, but something's more

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